Friday, October 26, 2007

The Night of Haunted Hounds

Wednesday night brought about the feeling of uneasiness, as the full moon hung itself high amid a pitch-black backdrop devoid of stars. A shadowy mist hovered low above the moist ground littered with the leafy yield of trees having sacrificed their once green patches in their annual fall ritual. The sound of a slight breeze filled the air, yet strangely, nothing more! Had even the crickets run for home on this eerie night? As I slowly approached the building in the distance with its massive structure silhouetted vaguely against the dark by the few shards of light piercing the clouds above, my eyes were drawn to what appeared to be rectangular shape. Approaching with care, I could soon see it was a door. It’s metal handle, gleaming slightly in the moonlight, beckoned for my grasp. Peering around, as if ensure no being man nor beast were watching from afar, I tugged mightily at the handle. With the groaning, strained sound of metal on metal, it slowly creaked open, the sound reverberating into the hallway beyond it. Without much thought, I quickly stepped inside. To my left, a staircase led to a second story and yet another mysterious set of doors. I knew why I had come;I was there to see what lay beyond these gates. What I found was chilling! Stepping through the last set of doors was like traversing a gate to another world; I was greeted with the sight of creatures large and small of all shapes and sizes and colors. There were golden goblins, scarry shepherds and labs as dark as midnight itself. I could see this was no ordinary gathering; this night brought special purpose. The banner on the chamber wall was imprinted with an emblem that read "4-H." I could only assume, on this night, that meant "Haunted Hounds Howling Hall." These creatures bore a myriad of disguises, each spookier than the next. As they moved about the room, tails wagging with delight at this gathering in honor of hallows eve, there was eating and drinking, barking and sniffing. But soon, almost as quickly as it had begun, the creatures disappeared one by one thorough the outworldly gates and into the mist until soon it was only me and the chilly night air. Was it all merely a dream?

Please enjoy these pictures from the Ocean County 4-H puppy club Halloween meeting and costume contest of 10/24/07.

PS. LW took second place!

First Place

Second Place

The "dymamic duo"

Somethin' fishy going on here!

Tutu on 4 (legs!)

The Party's Over


Kasey and Blitz said...

Those puppies are SOO cute..TW looked great in her bumblebee costume!!

LOVE that first part...Pretty scary alright!!

thepuppyraiser said...

That last picture is precious!

Congratulations on winning second place :)