Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Hole To China

LW here again. Sorry I’ve been remiss with my updates lately, but things have been quite busy as finals are approaching. You see, I found that once my exploration of the outside world began, it only highlighted how much I really didn’t know. So, you can imagine how I jumped (and barked) at the chance to attend college when Trish offered! In just a matter of days, I knew college life was for me! How does it get better than this? I have my own place, under the desk, with a great view in the chemistry classroom, other people are receiving the lecture (not me for a change), the complaints about the cafeteria offerings resembling dog food is not a problem and (best of all), no financial aid is needed as future Seeing Eye dogs with their foster parents or blind partners can attend for free! I’m even considering starting a fraternity: Labda, Milkbone, Labda! (the secret paw shake has already been invented). Though chemistry is interesting (as it causes humans to swear and pound their hands on the desks frequently for some reason) my major will be human transportation and logistics with a minor in archeology (as you can see, I‘ve been working on credits for my minor in the back yard, which so far have yielded two brightly-colored bugs and some rocks comprised of limestone. I‘m sure China is down there somewhere and I‘ll find it by the end of the week).

Wags and licks! LW

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Anonymous said...

he'd better not dig all the way to China - dogs don't get the same respect down there!

does LW take requests? I'd like to hear some Steely Dan! - Guinness Bro.