Sunday, February 26, 2012

a final good - bye

I had all intentions of documenting, through photos and words, the time which we had spent with puppy #13. As you can see, and as difficult as it is for me to believe, it has been over a year since I posted here.

Last year, I participated in a Project 365 over at my photo blog and trying to keep up at both places became a bit overwhelming. Over at Life as I see It there are many photos of the precious little girl who spent the year with us.

Two weeks ago, B and I had the pleasure of watching the puppy, who had pottied on our floors, chewed through the sofa, and worked her way into our hearts, graduated. She did us proud.

I wanted to share several photos from her “town walk”, it is time for us to say a final good-bye. Tomorrow puppy #14 arrives and hopefully I will be better at sharing her with all of you.

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