Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 103 ~

I am frequently asked about the dangers of bringing my camera to the beach. Sand and water can be a great cause of concern when it comes to photographic equipment. I live at the beach and I enjoy taking photos while there, whether it be of the often found sandcastle, the shells which have washed a shore, the sun setting behind the dunes, or the dogs playing in the waves. I am as careful as I can be and fortunately for I have my older yet very functional camera. I generally bring this one, leaving my prized D7000 safely at home.

This evening the tide was low and calm, B and I took the girls over for a swim. For some reason us humans can not fully understand, the mussel shells were of particular interest to Yellow Girl. Not only for sniffing but before we knew it and before we could pry open her mouth, she had ingested several. I was certain they would pass through by the morning and we went about romping and playing.

Back at the car, I gave the girls a drink of fresh water to help wash any sand and ocean water out of their mouths. We gathered up the leashes, towels, water bowl, camera and 4 legged friends and started back to the main land. When suddenly there was a loud retching sounds and the splatter of water, remains of mussel shells covered the car seats, camera and lens.

Next time I am asked about the dangers of bringing my camera to the beach, I may think twice.

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