Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Life At My Height

LW again! The past few days have presented ample opportunity for me to explore my new surroundings; I’ve been busy sniffing, licking, chewing and occasionally “watering” many new things. I’ve discovered, curiously, everything is taller than me and its not easy having a low ground clearance! Although, I am growing a little every day and one day I’ll be a full-grown Seeing Eye Dog; being small, for now, certainly has its advantages:
  1. I can win every game of “hide and seek” (who else can fit under the couch?)
  2. I know all the members of the dust bunny community on a first name basis
  3. I actually know where Jimmy Hoffa is (but I’m not telling!)
  4. I'm seconds closer to the food when it hits the floor (who needs a vacuum?)
Let me share with you some things just as I see them.




My squeaky dinosaur (sounds more annoying than a Paris Hilton laugh, but the humans think its cute)

And there’s my water dish…also good for impromptu baths

Well, I feel another naptime coming on (yawn). Thanks for checking in on my progress.
Wags and Licks! LW

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Anonymous said...

I love it! LW is such an interesting little girl! I look forward to each entry to learn more about her.