Friday, August 24, 2007

Woof and Win!

Today I’m off to visit Dad, and I can't wait to get there! After a few pats from my favorite bipedal friends at the front door, it’s time to locate Dad; so I head for the studio where he’s on air, playing radio!

As I look at all these flashy lights, computer gear and knobs, I wonder what it would be like if dogs were DJs. What a different world it would be! The songs I'd play! The fun I'd have! The throngs of Chocolate Labs out there mobbing me at the dog park, and oh, the hours they would spend listening to the radio and hanging on my every bark!

As I sit here on Dad’s comfy lap, next stop: the golden gates of slumber land….zzzzzzz!

Wait something’s different! There are furry paws on the control board –HEY THOSE ARE MINE! --and the microphone is in front of ME!!! Time to swing into action:

"…welcome to the dog days of summer swingin' cats and canines, break out the chew toys and let’s get scratching…..there’s one by Snoop Doggie Dog, and Elvis was in there, too, with Hound Dog! Just before we return with Three Dog Night, let’s hit the backyard for a quick leg lift. Here’s a message from Milk Bone...clean teeth and no puppy breath. Milk Bones rock! …and for those of you who just couldn’t wait…a word from our friends at Stanley Steamer…"

Just as I was preparing for my next big break ... "L.W. here ….listen for your chance to woof and win coming up!”

Uh oh! I think I just woke myself up snoring. …..Oh well. It was a howling good time, while it lasted. What a dream! ....or was it? Wait…is that hunky German shepherd waiting by the front door for my autograph? .....Hmmmmmm.

Wags, Wiggles and Licks!

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