Tuesday, September 4, 2007


LW here: Another great day in my new foster home and I continue to learn more about these humans every day! I've discovered even though at times they don't look all that smart, they can be extremely brave and resourceful in the face of dire circumstances. For example: just yesterday while napping on the floor, the silence and peace of my day was suddenly shattered by a loud sound: "whirrrrrrr!" I turned my head to listen and there it was again growing louder and louder by the moment "WHIRRRRRRRRRRRR WHIRRRRRRRRR.........WHIRRRR!" Suddenly, without warning there we were face to face! Me and this big, blue, noisy monster with a long thin tail that appeared to anchor itself to the wall, as if to dig in against all potential threats! Its cylindrical body and long tubular snout lead to an ugly, flat head probe. It stared at me deeply and unyielding as if hypnotize me into some sort of trance! Then, the creature began what seemed like sort of odd attack; first charging then retreating...then charging again from a different angle. Hey! I'm no fool...I knew what this meant! This was "War of The Worlds" and playing the part of Tom Cruise would be me! It would be up to me to save the universe, er at least the living room from total annihilation from this alien species! As I watched, the hungry monster gobbled up everything in its path: my friends the dust bunnies, small treasures I'd saved to chew on later.... even the very dog hair I'd just shed moments earlier. One time as it drew close, I could see the probe contained some sort of alien markings....let's see "H - O - O- V- E - R" .....I'm sure that meant something important ...but I’m not sure what! Just as I was about to fight back, there was mom! Yeah!!!! Mom to the rescue!!! Without my noticing, mom had managed to grab this beast by the end of the snout and was hanging on for dear life! It looked like quite a battle she would push, it would pull then finally, after a few minutes she grabbed it by its long, thin tale and yanked hard! With that, the beast lay silent. As if to teach it a final lesson mom then tied it up in its own tail and shoved it in the hallway closet! We're saved!! Mom is the bravest person I know! What a great team we make, we sure faced down that monster! I think I deserve a treat and another nap in the sun!

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MC said...

That puppy is sooo sweet!
Such a cutie!