Saturday, December 15, 2007

You Can Do It, LW Can Help

Our local home improvement center held a free children’s workshop. The project was a “make and take” memory box, the perfect handmade gift for the upcoming holiday season. This was another great opportunity to get LW out and used to the type of environs in which she would be working one day. It was the picture of perfection as these future Ty Penningtons and Martha Stewarts arrived to build their “hands on” present. The first several children to arrive were escorted to long tables, which were set up in preparation for the day’s activity complete with boxes of popcorn. The youngsters were then instructed on how to complete the task at hand. After tying on their own little orange apron, they reached for the nearest hammer and the banging began. Within moments of the first nail being smacked with a hammer, hundreds of children appeared, a hundred and forty-three to be exact. Suddenly, chaos and mayhem erupted, popcorn went flying everywhere to the sound of hammers pounding away, and there in the middle of it all sat one little black lab puppy!


Lisa and pups said...

What a good LW. Such a neat experience, I never thought of going to HD when they had those kid classes. I'll have to take my next puppy there.

Carrie and Waffle said...

ohhh LW what a good pup, did you get to make your memory box too?