Thursday, August 9, 2007

Another Note From LW

HI! LW here again with a quick note, as I am passing by on my way to explore new rooms today(can’t wait to taste those curtains in the living room! ) Boy, I am learning so much every day! What a fascinating species humans are! They are not like my biological parents at all! These strange creatures walk on two legs, have considerably less body fur, use little silver objects to eat (why wouldn’t you just stick your head in the bowl? That extra step seems so unnecessary.) And nobody drools (unless someone hands dad chocolate)! What’s with that? And, curiously, for all I hear about their superior level of intelligence, they seem to use two words repeatedly “no” and “ow”. I don’t know what those mean yet, so I think I’ll just ignore both for the time being. I can see humans are really going to need my help when I grow up! Well, the new day of exploration awaits! Bye for now…..Love, LW

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