Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The First Nights: A Puppy's Point Of View

Hi. this is LW! I'm really happy to be here in my new foster home in Ocean County! After an exhausting day of travel from The Seeing Eye kennels and meeting all my new batteries began to wear down at about 11p. I have a brand new crate that features a soft bed with a big, fluffy towel and a stuffed "buddy" to keep me company so I don't get lonely. Now I see why the truckers really like these "cubicle" things on their trucks....kinda like a luxury stateroom! (note to self: ask human they call "Brian" to add cable....must have my Animal Planet to get to sleep!)

From the first night, I'm getting into the habit of sleeping near my caretaker, because that's where I'll be for my human partner if they need my help during the night when I'm a full fledged, adult Seeing Eye dog!

Just to make sure someone was nearby, and for a good puppy chuckle, I whimpered a little during the night to see who would stir. Not a sound! So I tried again. Nothing. This time I'm gonna test my lungs......whooooooooooo!!!! whoooooooo!!!! HEY!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! That did it! Up out of bed jumps that Brian guy....(and don't tell him I said this....but that's the scariest case of "bed head" I've ever seen!!! he probably thought I was crying cause I had to go out!)

Anyway, out we go to the backyard. Ever seen "Night of the Living Dead?" --strange, but that's what a human looks like when staggering around the backyard in a sleepy daze at 1:00a, hoping I'll "take care of my business" and be ready to go back to sleep. What he doesn't understand, you see, is that he has it backward; my job is to play in the yard for hours and once safely back inside, deal with the business at hand. I just haven't trained him yet...its play outside, potty inside...why doesn't he get that? Humans! Geez. But, don't worry....we'll practice it lots. we did again at 4:00a. :-)

After breakfast and some time spent playing with Murphy and avoiding Orlando (he's a little grumpy in his old age...and doesn't share my sense of humor when it comes to swinging on his tail), its time for a short nap and a visit to the vet for my initial check-up. That stethoscope is really cold and you don't even want to know what I think about the thermometer!!!! But the good news is that I am in perfect health (and you should have seen that hunky boxer in the waiting room----oh if only I were a bit older!).

Today brings another busy day of exploration and play; though its difficult being apart from my littermates; there is so much to learn and do! I have to get used to all the sights, sounds and smells of the world in which I'll be working as grown up Seeing Eye dog! Now there are all new noises! hair dryers,a big loud vacuum and the radio. Oh, so much to learn and (yawn) it's all so tiring.....I think I'll take a nap and catch up my beauty sleep. More to come....but for now......I'm headed off to find a good place under the dining room chair to snooze.

PS Be good to my dad today.....he might sound a little sleepy on the radio. We'll make a "night person" out of him yet.

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